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How should I wear my hair?

I am undecided on how to do my hair. I have A LOT of it - it is very very thick, so it gets very heavy to put all up. I love this braid with the flowers the most, but I also love how this French braid up-do looks. I posted a picture of the back of my dress. What do you guys think?

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Re: How should I wear my hair?

  • doeydodoeydo member
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    I prefer the updo.  It seems more bridal and classic, IMO.
  • I am hoping that 1) my hair designer would be able to do that after she realizes how much hair I have and that 2) my hair does not grow to be 3 times that original picture size because I have so much of it and I hope it doesnt get too heavy. I have my bridal session coming up and we'll have to figure it out there! My lady said that she would be capable of doing both - my hair will be the deciding factor!

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  • I also like the up-do better, especially if you have a lot of hair to begin with. I think leaving it down in the braid would get very hot. How long do you have until your wedding? Maybe it would be possible to trim your hair before your big day if it gets a bit unruly between now and then? 
  • I love the first style, with the roses.  I think updos are overdone.
  • I prefer the updo.  I don't get how updos are overdone.  Updos are elegant and formal and classy and when you are wearing an elegant, formal and classy dress like most wedding dresses are then your hair should follow suit.

    OP, if you have as much hair as you say and is as heavy as it is, then I think the first picture could lead to you being really annoyed with your hair laying on your back like that all day, especially if you get hot.  I have a shit ton of thick hair and my stylist was able to put it all up and have it stay all day. In fact I probably could have slept in it and it would have looked just as good the next day, that is how well she put my hair up.  If you have a good stylist then can make an updo stay looking good and stay up all day without issue.

  • Good points. During my fitting, I was sweating in my dress. So much material! My hair doesn't normally make me feel warmer, but it might be a good idea to put my hair up just so there won't be one more thing causing me to be warm. I normally hate venues where the AC is turning the place into Antarctica, but I'm praying mine will so I can survive! :)

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  • I like the second one better. The first one is nice but I would be concerned that when people see you from behind that they will be more focused on your hair. Also I kind of thing the braid & flowers makes me thing of Lord of the Rings or something that you would see a fairy tale princess wearing.
  • labrolabro member
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    I love the updo! I think it's very classy and beautiful and suits your dress. I don't think updos are overdone at all. If you want florals or some sort of crystal headpiece it would be really easy to add in or modify the style to include it.

  • Vote for the second picture with the french braid. I find the first one really ugly (no offense). If you want another twist on a braid I'm doing mine like this.



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