So, our budget for our wedding is $15,000 but after everything is all paid for it looks like we're going to be spending closer to $17,500. I feel like it is almost impossible to stay within my budget! Is it normal to go over your budget like this? I guess I am just trying to make myself feel better about going over budget.
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    I understand somewhat. Our whole budget for our wedding with 150-175 guests was budgeted at 5k and now its looking like we will be at 6k. My problem with going over was semi allowing people to persuade me i needed linens and chair covers so we purchased them... good think i can make my fsil buy them cuz her wedding is after mine.

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    Currently FI and I are under budget. I have not intention of going over budget. Our budget is $8,000 and currently we are at about $6,500, which would be awesome if we could stay at.

    People go over budget all the time and it's totally normal. I have been planning for 14 months and looking for deals the whole time. I also do not have a dream wedding in mind. So, I'm pretty much going with the flow.

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    I think that it is normal to go over budget, but not necessary.  I came in about $500 under budget (even after adding an extra or two!) 
    What are you getting and how much are you paying for it?  What can you cut or scale down?  I bet you can do it. 

    Check out the budget board, there are usually good ideas there.  These are some of the things that I did (and a few I just considered)
    Skip the hair and make-up trials
    Skip the champange toast
    Skip the aisle runner
    Skipp the toasting flutes and special cake cutter
    Skip the cake topper
    Or get a smaller tiered cake and have sheet cakes in back
    Offer chicken and vegetarian choices not beef or fish
    Skip the limo
    Skip favors
    Skip the second photographer, extra hours of coverage, etc
    Skip videographer
    DIY flowers (see my post on flowers board)
    123print.com invites
    Electronic STDs
    Skip programs
    Skip Ceremony decor
    Small centerpieces (bud vase w/ single rose)
    Independant DJ and Photographer - Not from a company. 

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    Our wedding budget is $17,000.  At the moment, we are looking more at $18,500.  It's hard to try and stay in budget with such a large family that both my fiance and I have but it the end, our feeling is that we are only getting married once and after we've made cuts wherever we could than it is what it is. 
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    We were budgeting about $20K, it's gotten to be about $25K
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    That's including the honeymoon.  We haven't yet chosen honeymoon, so we may still be able to be in budget. :)
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    We will be pretty close to my parents' 14K budget, with the exception of photography, which FI and I are paying for.  I've managed to find decent prices on some things, so that has helped.
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    david kasdan videography starts around $600 for the entire package, i think. they're based out of chicago but i know they will travel to milwaukee. something to think about. i know videographers are expensive but if we didn't hire someone to video our wedding i know i would be really upset in the future

    the web site is www.davidkasdan.com
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    A book I found that has helped me stay within my budget (so far!) has lots of websites and sources for getting things done inexpensively, like websites for cheap candles, invitations, etc. It also reviews all the different sources - like a comparison chart of different invitation companies.

    "Bridal Bargains: Secrets to throwing a fantastic wedding on a realistic budget"

    another one I liked...

    "Wonderful weddings for cost-conscious couples"
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    We budgetted $15K and will end up at $17,500 as well. 
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    we budgeted around 10K... and so far are coming in much lower - which is nice.  I've been really slow at making decisions though always looking for the best deal of what I want - and have found a lot of things for much less than normal because of people who know people sorta thing...
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    You overbudget isn't too bad. As long as you're under $5,000 over, I think you will be okay. Remember that you'll get some money back from the guests, so you'll either break even or make a profit (let's hope you stay that way).
    It's common that bridal couples will go over. I think it has to do with what the bride wants and the groom allows it, because it's more special for us ladies.
    There's lots of tips and websites several of these brides mentioned. Also, let the vendor know you're on a budget and most likely they will work with it, because they want your business.

    Good Luck!
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