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Need some help/advice

Hi All! I need some help and advice goes: 

My family is an interesting dynamic. I have my mom and her partner of 23 years, but I also have my father (who was never really a "father" persay but he's still involved in my life).  I consider my mother's partner my "father" more than my biological father.  I'm getting married in October to a nice guy but he has the stereotypical family with a mom and dad who was never divorced.  


My mother is walking me down the aisle. 

I'm having issues with the "father/daughter" dance.  My FI wants to have a mother/son dance which is awesome, but I'm debating with the father/daughter one.  Who do I dance with first? My biological father, or the woman who raised me and I consider a father? I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings...but I'm clueless on what to do.  Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.  
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Re: Need some help/advice

  • VulgarGirlVulgarGirl member
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    Who do you want to dance with? Your mom? Her partner? Your dad? Or no one? I mean, you can have a mother/son dance and not a father/daughter dance.
  • ashwiseashwise member
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    I don't know, I guess i want to dance with both of them, but I don't want it to be labeled as a father/daughter dance. maybe like a special dance for a special person or something like that. i don't know. 
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  • minsu5minsu5 member
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    Could you have the dance but without the label? Besides your FI and his mother, no one else (I assume) has that same relationship attending. I say, let them have their dance and you choose someone special. No need for an announcement by the DJ, have the music play and people will dance along.

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