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Veil dilemma

I really would like to have a 2-tier fingertip length with lace or applique trim, but I am having trouble finding what I want at a price that I can afford. I was toying with the idea of buying an inexpensive veil and having a friend help me sew on applique or lace. Does this sound like a terrible idea?!? Suggestions?

Re: Veil dilemma

  • Not sure how to sew lace onto a veil, but what is your budget? Have you checked white dove bridal or etsy?
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    I would imagine it depends on if you can afford the materials to "play around" and try sewing stuff on, and then if it doesnt work get a store bought veil. I wouldnt push it if your budget is so limited that you have to get it right the first time. I'm having my aunt sew mine, and I'm really excited about it, so I think the idea seems fine. Its just hard to always know what could potentially happen
  • I would second etsy.  They have a lot of decent priced veils!

    Not saying you can't make one.  I just wouldn't trust *myself* with that task

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    I made my own veil for about $28, including enough tulle to make probably three tiers of a fingertip length veil, a comb, clear plastic thread, 6 yards of edging, and some new needles. I actually bought some materials and tried it out, then bought more in a different color and did it for real. With the clear thread it doesn't matter how ugly your stitching is because it doesn't show up. I used a bunch of tutorials & resources that are linked on my pinterest. I don't mean to plug it but it's a lot faster than moving all the links here :) 

    tldr do it, it's easy!
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  • usabride,com based out of ma, they have veils starting at 49 and up i got mine finger tip one layer  delicate swvarksy crystals for 89
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    Tradesy & have so many choices in almost any price range. 
  • They aren't ornate, but you can rent veils on Rent the Runway (and hair clips, jewelry, etc.)
  • I think DIY is good if you're even remotely crafty.

    I'm making my own veil. Tulle is normally under $2/yard and you can sometimes get coupons for more savings. I also found a package of 6 cheap plastic combs (clear) for $1.99. Clear nylon thread will run about $4 for a spool. Lace really depends on what you choose. I bought some lace trim from a fabric store that's normally $4/yard with a 40% off coupon.

    For a two-tier fingertip length veil, you may need 3 yards of tulle. Measure from the top of your head (or where you intend to secure your veil) to your outstretched fingertips. Have someone help you do this. Then double that measurement and you'll be close to what you need for the two tier veil. I bought 6 yards of tulle to make my two-tier waltz veil and I had enough to make 2 veils! Still, at only $2/yard, I only spent $12 on my overkill.

    There are so many tutorials and instructions on the different ways to do veils. Spend some time researching and find out what you like and how to do it. It's more simple than you think. And, it's not very expensive even if you do mess up. Just like @tortoisebride said, the clear thread will not show your messy stiches, so it will look nice. If you think you can follow a tutorial, measure, cut neatly, and do some minor hand-stiching work that doesn't have to be pretty, I think it's worth it to make your own.

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  • Couple notes to add:
    - Tulle comes in two widths, 54" and 108". 
    - A fingertip veil is roughly 45" long if you want a rough guideline. I'm 5'3" and my head-to-fingertip length was more like 43".
    - Pin your edging on before you try to sew it.
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  • I am diy mine. They are expensive.

  • Wow! Thank you for all the tips/links! I did check etsy and white dove and I didn't really see what I wanted and if I did on etsy it was close to $200 or more. I will check out some of these links!!

    Are there any good Etsy sellers? Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place.
  • $200 for a veil on etsy. Forget that.

  • The nice thing about DIYing over etsy is that I knew exactly what I was getting. I was a little paranoid about getting the wrong color or a style that looked weird on me.
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  • Just make one, really. If it doesn't come out well, you're out like $20. If it does come out well, you saved a ton of money!

    I am impatient, not good with measuring or spatial things, sloppy, and lazy, and I managed to make a veil that looks great. It's literally an oval with lace on three sides, then you bunch up the last side and sew it to a comb.
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    You can try preownedweddingdresses and tradesy.

    Also try eBay and Amazon.

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