Do NOT eat at Japanica in Milwaukee!

A bit off topic, but I went here for dinner as part of my bachelorette party.  Without getting into too many details, the service was just AWFUL.  They sat us at a hibachi table without asking what we were ordering, and forced us to move when only 3 of the 8 wanted hibachi, though the restaurant wasn't even 1/4 full.

Our waitress was rude & the manager was just as bad.  Of course they put the gratuity on the bill and we asked to speak to the manager because we didn't feel the service was worth the 20%, and they refused to budge or give us ANY sort of discount or apologize.  Not all the food was served warm, and our waitress actually cut off a conversation of ours quite loudly when we didn't acknowledge her presence at the table immediately!

With so many sushi/hibachi places around town, please take your business elsewhere!  Since we couldn't do anything and had to pay for our poor service, all I can do is encourage others not to go here!


Re: Do NOT eat at Japanica in Milwaukee!

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