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Monday Progress Update - 05-05-14

So this is our first Monday Progress Update where some of you can your checklist consisted of getting married!!! How exciting. I didn't get too much done this week. My bach party was Saturday and then I had to spend all day Sunday recovering, but here's what I did get done:

 - FI and I both had our bach parties 
 - Picked up our wedding bands from the jeweler
 - Had my veil steamed

How about you ladies?

Re: Monday Progress Update - 05-05-14

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    I finally ordered my flowers! Huge stress relief let me tell you. Paid off fi tux. Finalized all vendor details. Finished buying dinnerware. And im getting my eyes checked today so I can get contacts. Dont want to wear my glasses the day of.
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    Oh, and my coworkers threw me a bridal party! 
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    Had my bachelorette party!  It was a TON of fun.

    Now we just need to go over vows, make weekend timeline and give it to everyone. Have final florist meeting today and just relax, relax and relax some more. That is all I have besides decorating a few glass candle bowls for tables. :)
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    ddvirtsddvirts member
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    I feel like I got a lot done this week. We paid the videographer. Finalized seating chart. Finished decorations for the ceremony. Put together bathroom baskets. Wrote bridal shower thank you letters. Ordered table numbers. Ordered picture frames for our baby photos and parents' weddings, as decorations. Organized all our candles for the reception. Had my last dress fitting!!!
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    -Hotel bags
    -Bridal Party gifts purchased
    -Bridal party gifts are wrapped
    -Ironed the ribbon winds (yes I've lost my mind)
    -Paid off the limo contract

    To come this week:
    -Moms's final dress fitting
    -Meeting with church music director
    -Final DJ meeting
    -Final Florist meeting
    -Hair appt
    -Final dress fitting for me
    -Rehearsal dinner
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    Well I feel lame.  Lol.  I do have already planned this week to meet with out Photographer.  I'm trying to hunt down my DJ (please explain to me why I'm the one who has to hunt him down.) to get a final meeting because I already have changes that need to be made to our song list.  Other than that, I have a few smaller details to get done.  I have to fix my bridal shoes (cause I'm an idiot) which wont take long, and then I'm going to be putting together our wedding favors.  I'm sure I have more things I need to worry about, but honestly I'm waiting until my mom gets here.  I need my mommy, damnit!!!!
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    18 more days to go!  We moved last weekend so now I can focus on wedding stuff again. This friday I am getting my finalcut and color done. Following up with all vendors.  Getting the res of the thank you presents and all the last minute details.  Next friday is my last day of work until June 2nd.  YAY!!!  So glad I took the week of the wedding off!!  Excellent planning on my part.  I just hope I remember to breathe.
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    KayDeeeKayDeee member
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    --Flower girl baskets
    --Day of timeline nailed down (as best as it can be)
    --Went over timeline and *must shoot* list with photography (she is really great)
    --Ceremony space final payment
    --Photographer final payment
    --Final fitting/picked up my dress!!
    --a few more thank you notes for early presents in the mail

    and still a ton to do. honestly I think I have to get rid of my daily countdown app because instead of joy, I feel panic whenever I see ONLY 17 DAYS etc.

    Which I realize is a shame (and my own fault) it is the MARRIAGE that is important, not the WEDDING. I need that reminder on that clock :)

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