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Moved my date...

My fiance and I were suppose to get married this August but we have a couple things to work out so we are moving it back a few months. I never wanted to get married in the winter but he LOVES Christmas so I am now deciding between November or December/Jan. My fear with Dec/Jan is, of course, the weather. We live in the Boston area so I am concerned about a snowstorm. I also feel badly having people spend extra money around the holiday time. It will be a fairly, small intimate affair with a church ceremony then dinner after. Thoughts??

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    Picking a date may be the toughest decision you'll make when planning your wedding.  FI & I changed our date 400 million times before choosing Nov. 29th.  It's always a good idea to run dates by your VIPs early, their input should help you pin down available dates & eliminate others.  
    I have no thoughts on battling winter weather (Las Vegas resident) but something thing that comes to mind is if you'll have many guests who will be traveling to your wedding.  Flights delays and road conditions are definitely something to think about.  

    Because we are having our wedding immediately after Thanksgiving I knew that some people may have other plans for that day.  But, as we are also going with small guest list (50 ppl) & it turns out that 100% have verbally stated they will be coming.  Yay us!
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    Thanks lvgirl1000. Luckily most of our guests are local (or are at least in MA) so we dont need to worry about flight delays. I/we are thinking 11/8 if the venues we are looking at are available. My next question is we are thinking about having a fairly small ceremony with dinner after. However, i am concerned with people being bored if there is no dancing (particularly our younger nieces and nephews). When I say young the youngest are 13 and the rest are older teens or 20's. Thoughts? 
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    Dancing isn't necessary but I get your concern about guests being bored.  Can you have music of some kind - Ipod/DJ?  Maybe pick an "entertaining" location with built-in attraction/distractions?  Provide fun favors or a Photobooth, etc.

    I'm with you.  We're having ceremony/reception in a private home so no dancefloor.  I'm meh on dancing myself & FI has nixed any type of first dance for us.  I'm 5'3 & he's 6'4 so it would just look redic.  We will still be having a DJ/master of ceremonies & my son will be singing.  
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    I decided on having a DJ since I already put a deposit down for what was going to be an August date. Now just looking for a venue. The original place we booked isn't available on 11/7. Ugh! You snooze you lose.
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