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Uh oh...

My wedding is May 25, and I just realized I forgot to order a cake!
Is it too late?? What do I do??

Re: Uh oh...

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    I would start making lots of calls. You may not be able to do a tasting though since its so soon. A last resort would be yo go to the grocery store and order a cake through them.
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    Honestly, I'd be fine with the grocery store. I forgot about the cake because we've been planning a full dessert bar. So, I really only need a small cake.
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    I would definitely start making calls. It might be a little easier if you are flexible with it, like willing to go with something simple or cupcakes even. I've actually seen some nice looking wedding cakes come out of grocery stores. This late in the game that could end up being one of your only options, but it should probably be fine.
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    Yeah, grocery store cake is more than fine.  If you have a costco near you, they are known for having good cake and its at a reasonable price.  But like Tammy said, as long as you're flexible then everything should be fine, and start making phone calls now! :D 
    P.S. My wedding is the same day :)
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    it depends how busy yornbakery is. Mine said I could order 2 weeks before at the latest, bu I know very popular places ned a lot more notice. Call around and ask


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