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Complex Signature Drink

Hi All,

I'm trying to plan out my wedding bar situation.  For my signature drink I would like something nice, but a bit complex like a mojito (love mojitos).  I'm worried it might be too much of a hassle for the bartenders though.  I don't want them to get backed up.  There will be two of them for about 90 guests.  Any thoughts?

Also, my plan is to serve beer, wine, the signature drink, and soda/whatever alcohol is in the signature drink mixed with soda.  I'm thinking if I do mojitos rum could also turn into rum and coke or rum and ginger ale for those not into delicious mojitos.  Is this too limited?  I'll be providing all the booze and mixers for the bartenders to work with besides soda.


Re: Complex Signature Drink

  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    I think that you are fine with what you have. Beer and wine cover most drinkers even if they don't like your signature drink. I'm not quite sure what goes into making a mojito, but not all of your guests will be drinking them and 2 bartenders for 90 guests seems like it would be fine. You also won't have all your guests at the bar at the same time either.
  • waxwolfwaxwolf member
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    Thanks, Tammy!  It's rum, lime, mint, seltzer, and sugar.
  • JennyColadaJennyColada Awesometown, CA member
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    Well they can always bruise large portions of mint at one time (for multiple drinks).

    In my non-professional opinion, it sounds like it'd be fine, but maybe discuss with your caterer (or whomever is doing your beverages) and just ask them. They likely have more experience with it than I do.
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