Dinner or full out reception on the North Shore?

My fiance and I were suppose to get married in August but we have delayed it a few months. We are getting married at my church in Gloucester and can't decide if we should have a full reception complete with DJ, etc or just an intimate dinner with friends and family? We are saving to buy a house so are concerned with cost. However, I am concerned that our nieces and nephews would be bored without dancing, a cocktail hour, etc. Suggestions?

Re: Dinner or full out reception on the North Shore?

  • Personally, I believe it wouldn't be much of a celebration without the party! But it's totally about what you and your FH are comfortable with. If you'd prefer to spend the money on the house, then go for it, but remember that this is your chance to celebrate your new life, what's saving a few more months? ;) Just remember to keep it pretty simple, but have fun.
  • We just went with a nice dinner (apps, 3 courses, cake).  Neither FI or I really likes dancing, so I was more worried that WE would be the ones bored.  If people want to go out after that's fine.  It's more of a personal preference thing than a money thing, but I do have to say, having a dinner at a restaurant and not a wedding venue is costing less then 1/2 the price per person than the wedding venues were charging.  It's a pretty small event and we've been pretty explicit with those we've invited that it's JUST dinner so if anyone is turned off by that they're welcome to not come.
  • I don't know if you've made a decision of a venue or what not, but Groveland Fairways is reasonable and gorgeous!
  • How many people?
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