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April 2012 Weddings

4 months!!!

Wow....I can't believe that is four months time I will be preparing to marry my best friend!!! The time has gone by so fast...and there still seems like there is a ton to do. However, it is days like today where I think it does not matter how everything turns out. On April 14th I will be the wife of my best friend and the man who has made my life complete!!!

  Just makes me so happy thinking about it!!! :)
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Re: 4 months!!!

  • It is flying by! =D
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  • I am so excited too!!! exactly 4 months from today!!! Plus, with the holidays it'll be 3 months before we know it!! any big checks to complete before the 3-month mark? I have to schedule dress fittings and a wedding night hotel room, but most everything else is booked :)
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  • It's going by so fast!  4 months ago my FI and I were driving halfway across the country to go on vacation to Yellowstone.  I had no idea he was going to propose while we were there.  This is all going by so fast!  And 4 months from now, I'll be in the final days of prepping for the wedding!

    BTW, your fur baby is very cute!
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  • Yay! I can't believe it - at the end of it all we will have been engaged a yr and 11 months and back then I NEVER thought it would come! Just seemed so far away - now it's so close!! All my big stuff is basically done, now I just need to get going with my 2 DIY projects and pick groomsmen attire.
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  • :) Most of the big things are done I think . We decided we are going to go camping for our honeymoon in Yellowstone...so we are trying to decide when we want to do that for sure. (Way to cold in April for it)

    Going shopping with a great friend this weekend to get everything ready to make our invites. The one big thing we need to make a decision on is catering. I keep putting it off because it is so expensive and I just do not know what I want to do. I know it is just one of those things, but we are on a tight budget so I hate trying to figure it out, but we knew it would be a big part of the budge too.

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  • Thats for the advice blgrouth!!! We will certainly have to put that on our to do list. Wow...thought it might be al little warmer at night but then. I am sure we will be okay though...we are thinking June or July. We want to do some hiking, fishing, and I think he is going to try to set up a trail ride for us. I am really excited about it. We will be driving from MO so we thought we would plan a few extra days to see some sights along the way like Mt. Rushmore and the Bad Lands. Kinda going to be a big road trip!!! Can't wait!!!
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  • Mine was yesterday, too!  So excited!  I was bouncing off the walls yesteday, FI didn't know what to do with me.  The crazy part is after the holidays are done and everything calms down again it'll be 3 months, or even crazier 90 days!!
  • DD reminded me of this yesterday! Wow- 4 months! Almost makes us panic a little!  But she has things pretty much under control.  All of the 'big' stuff has been booked for months, just need to follow up with some details. This past Saturday they bought their rings, I just blocked the hotel rooms today and this weekend they are making a mock-up of their DIY invitations. 

    After the holidays we will have an invitation-making marathon, do some of our DIY projects and get me to go MOB dress shopping! LOL
  • I know I can't believe we are almost in double didgets - stresses me out a little!
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  • Hey Chrismben...FWIW, we were in Yellowstone this summer in mid August, and it was freakin FREEZING at night! (it was clear, but lows in the mid 30's).  The weather was amazing though, other than that.  If you bundle and layer, it's doable.

    You should hike to Mt. Washburn (that's where my FI proposed!)...that's such a great idea for a honeymoon. :)
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