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September 2014 Weddings

Wedding Rings!!

Picked up my wedding ring over the weekend & FI ordered his!  I kept staring at it, I love it!  Can't wait to wear it every day.  As with my engagement ring, our bands also are from Ireland.  While my band has no Celtic knots, his band does, which will coordinate with my engagement ring, as it has the Trinity Knot on it.  I keep finding myself opening the box & going "oh my God, it is getting more real!"  He's pretty excited about his, which I'm happy about, since he was a little nervous at first, since he has never worn rings.

Has anyone else gotten their rings yet?

Re: Wedding Rings!!

  • jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots member
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    We went to the jewelers about 2 weeks ago and ordered them and put down the deposit. I originally wanted a plain band because I'm a plain type of person but once I slipped one on that had a channel of small diamonds we both thought it looked so amazing and couldn't turn it down. I'm definitely excited to wear it everyday.

    FI can't wear rings at his job and he works 6 days a week. So he picked out a really cheap, plain one just to use for the ceremony and he will wear it only when we go on vacations. Because it's pointless for him to put it on each night and take it off each morning.



  • ShallowSeasShallowSeas Indianapolis, IN member
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    edited May 2014
    FI has my wedding band sitting in the closet. It came as a set with my engagement ring.  I have his in lay away until July when it will be paid off.  Not gonna lie...I go into the closet, get the ring out, and put it on sometimes :) I can't wait to wear mine every day either. FI picked out his ring, which matches mine perfectly. He really likes it and is excited to wear it.
     Its getting so close, I can't believe it!
  • I just got FI's ring last night actually! And we picked out mine in January because the one I wanted we had a $50 coupon to put towards it.

    I also put on mine a few times too @severmilli12...couldn't help myself.

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  • KaurisKauris member
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    I just ordered FI's this past weekend. I'm really excited. He has to still pick out mine, but there's time. 

  • cupcait927cupcait927 Western NY wine country member
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    FI ordered his ring a few months ago. He's so stinkin excited to wear it. He'll go into his dresser all the time and pull it out to try it on again. We still haven't ordered mine - I can't bring myself to do it because of the cost. It's gotta get ordered before too long though so I need to just bite the bullet and do it.
  • Both of ours are done, thank goodness! I picked them up about a month ago. Mine is just a simple diamond band and FI's is a tungsten band that had (secretly) engraved.
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