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Hello, I am interested in having my wedding at Promontory Point, a historic site in Chicago. The site director said that we HAVE to use vendors from their preferred vendors list, has anyone ever had their wedding here and if so, did all of your vendors come from their preferred vendors list, Please Help! I want a different caterer but they said I could not have the caterer I wanted because it did not come from their preferred vendors list. If anyone has not used a preferred vendor for your wedding at PP where there any consequences.

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    I haven't been associated with any event at PP but I believe it is park district rental property, correct? If so you have to use their list of vendors. I have used the park district for other locations and they have a pretty expansive list of vendors so it shouldn't be issue. They have a nicer list than most venues to be honest. If you try to sneak your vendor through, the paperwork on file won't be completed and correct and they can pull your permit from you. If you want PP, you're going to need to pick an approved caterer.
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    Thanks for your response!!!
  • Every venue I tried to book in Chicago had a mandatory list of vendors to choose from. Hope this helps!

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