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Normal time???

Ok, I got married mid March.  I have yet to get my photos back from the photographer.  He says I will have them back by May 15th at the latest.  It is now the 6th.  What is normal turn around time for photographers?  I am starting to get get super nervous because he didn't seem to get a whole lot of "formal" photographs at the wedding.  :-(

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    That's pretty normal. Our contract stated that we'd get our photos within eight weeks. We got a preview within 4 weeks.
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    There is no normal...but 8-10 weeks is totally reasonable. Every photog is different. If it is within the time frame laid out in your contract I wouldn't worry. This is why you should always make sure it is spelled out in your contract, to save yourself stress and worry :)
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    Ditto @photokitty you are getting into peak wedding season for most areas and the turn around times will start to slow down.  8-12 weeks is normal for most areas and most photographers I looked at.
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    Ideally, turn around time should be in the contract you signed.  My wedding was during peak season and I got my photos back in about 6 weeks.  I know other people who didn't get their photos for 6 months. 
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    I got mine back within a week of our wedding. That is normal for my SIL, she has her own studio. Since this is her full time & only job come Monday after the kids are off to school she can get to work & focus on editing the photos from the weekend. Most of her meetings are in the evenings/weekends so she gets her photo editting done ASAP because she knows her clients are anxious to see them.
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