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Wrist corsages

Where are all these BRIDES at!!!

So I made my own corsages for mom, MIL, and the friends that helped me set up, etc.. just to thank them. I'll try to post pic below, but WHERE WERE THESE WHEN I WAS GETTING MARRIED???? I LOOOOOOVEEEE!!! (CLICK HERE)

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Re: Wrist corsages

  • minsu5minsu5 member
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    Me and my FI thought about it for his mother (she would like feeling special), but instead we're just sticking to bouquets. It looks cute though.

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  • Cute! My mom refuse to wear a wrist corsage...said she's too old to feel like she's going to prom smh. So we opted to have them pinned.
  • LeciaBLeciaB member
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    listen.. i feel like after you get married you find all the best stuff on etsy @footballwife77

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  • Lol! Ebay is usually my ish! I found these through browsing offbeat bride. *sigh* I want another wedding. lol!

    @minsu5- Does mom get a bouquet? I dunno, being that she's mom, I would get her a little something extra to make her stand out. Also, If I was mom, i'd be beaming that I was a little different and kind of put "on a pedestal" at the wedding. also, it's a lot easier showing off something special on my wrist than carrying around a bouquet all night. #TEAMMOM lol
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  • I like those... They are too cute
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  • those are cute 

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