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Anyone familiar with Sequoia in Georgetown? Other waterfront venues?

jemaderjemader member
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Hi everyone! My fiance and I really like Sequoia in Georgetown but we found out that if we don't also buy out the deck right outside the dining room (which is an additional $10,000), then people will be eating literally right on the other side of the window from the room. We both hate the idea of random people being in the back of pictures and while the view is incredible, there will be several tables of people eating throughout the night. We're trying to figure out if we're making too big of a deal about it- obviously it's a popular venue and the planner told us only 6 weddings have bought out the deck, so clearly it doesn't stop other couples from having their wedding there. Has anyone been to weddings there and noticed this, or is anyone else considering Sequoia and concerned about this? We haven't heard anyone complain about it in reviews and we hope that our guests will be distracted by other details but it's really holding us back from making a decision. 

Also- we feel like we're missing other waterfront venues. Any other ideas? Our church is near Union Station in DC so we'd like to keep it within a 20 minute drive from the church. Thank you for any ideas and thoughts!

Re: Anyone familiar with Sequoia in Georgetown? Other waterfront venues?

  • It is such a beautiful space!! I have seen several weddings online at sequoia and never noticed the people outside. What month are you getting married?
  • jemaderjemader member
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    That's helpful to know! When my fiance and I look at pictures of weddings there, now that's all we notice but I KNOW we need to change our attitude about it! We wanted to do early May but because of our indecision, it's booked and now we're left with late May...my fiance said Memorial Day weekend may have a lot of boaters/tourists, although half my family/bridal party will be coming in from the west coast so it may be more convenient for them. Is memorial day typically crazy on the waterfront there? Thanks again!
  • The Waterfront will be packed all summer. But...in your pictures, no one will know they aren't your guests!

    Maybe also look at some places on the SW Waterfront? That area is up and coming and may have some less expensive options.
  • Ya know...born and raised in DC and in my experience, DC residents head put of town on Memorial Day. I actually work in the hotel industry and most of the hotels are relatively dead too. I bet it wouldn't be so crowded that weekend. Its all relative of course. It is still the main DC waterfront, but maybe slightly less croded than other weekends. Just an assumption. I am getting married on a holiday weekend too and it seems to be working for my guests since they have extra time off already.
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