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what do I do with my dress?

Okay ladies... I got my dress dry-cleaned right after the wedding and it's very very clean. It's currently in a plastic garment bag hanging in the guest room. I know it can't stay in the garment bag indefinitely but I can't afford $300 to have it "preserved". That's the cheapest I could find it around here. Will my dress be okay if I carefully pack it in an extra large acid free box with acid free tissue paper and a bust form and just air it out once a year or so? I can't help but think that all the dress "preserving" stuff is just hogwash and that I could easily do it myself. Anyone preserved their dress on their own? I need deets!
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Re: what do I do with my dress?

  • Im still debating if I should save and preserve it or donate it. I have seen an organization that takes wedding gowns and transforms them into "angel gowns" for babies who are born but wont make it home.
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