Proper Dress for November 15 2014 wedding

We are getting married in Gloucester on 11/15/14 and I have no idea what the weather will be like. Does anyone remember what last November was like? Should I buy a big white fluffy coat to go over my dress and should me sister (my MOH) wear something over her dress? Also what colors are good for our decorations? I always thought I would have a summer wedding so am now like "what he heck?"

Re: Proper Dress for November 15 2014 wedding

  • I was in my fiance's sister's wedding last November. It was November 2 and it was in the mid to high 50s I want to say. It was nice enough to have the ceremony outside and wear a strapless dress. 

    I don't think you'll need a fluffy coat but if the ceremony is outside you could ask the location if they have heat lamps. But it's New England so it could go either way. Where are you getting married?

    My future sister-in-law did sangria colored dresses for the girls and black tuxes with sangria vests for the guys. She did champagne colored flowers and centerpieces, as well as champagne painted pumpkins on the escort card table (see pictures)
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    We're getting married the day after you are! I distinctly remember that November 16th was GREAT last year (sunny and warm, perfect fall day), but that the other days around it were a bit spotty. Hopefully, that whole weekend will be nice for us.

    The year before, it was nice out, but chilly. Year before that, it wasn't cold, but it was super rainy.

    (We're getting married on our anniversary, so I'm thinking back to what I was wearing on previous anniversaries. Definitely remember wearing rain gear on our first date.)
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  • My wedding is a week earlier, and I'm trying not to worry about the weather because it could be anything. Seriously, it could be below freezing, or it could be hot and sunny. Either is a distinct possibility. I'm planning to get a little wrap to use if it's freezing...but the only outdoor stuff we have is to get to/from the limo, and to take some outdoor pictures. 

    As for colors, just go with what you like. We're doing mostly black/white/silver with some jewel tones. Personally I wanted to avoid typical "fall colors" like earth tones (e.g. the color of the changing leaves), but that was a personal choice and would clearly be perfect for the time of year. I'd think all pastels or all super-bright summery florals might be out of place in November, but that's about it. 
  • It'll be hit or miss, you can't predict.  I would not spend money on a new coat, so I'd just wear your regular coat if it's too cold and take it off for pictures.  You'll have downtime while your photog sets up the shot during which you can wear your coat, then take it off at the last minute.  I hope it's great weather for you!
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