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Proper dress for 11/15/14 wedding

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We are getting married in MA on 11/15/14 and I have no idea what the weather will be like. Does anyone remember what it was like last year? Should I buy a big furry coat to go over my dress and should my sister (my MOH) wear something over her dress? I also dont know what colors we should go with for our decorations? I had originally planned to get married in the summer so it is throwing me off. Help!

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    I'm getting married in Canada on Nov 2, and I actually looked up the historical data on what it had been like in years past on that day.  You can also look up the average temperature for that given year.

    Ultimately, we all decided to play it by ear in late october.  You can still purchase a cute shawl then if you want.  I know it isn't the best plan, but that's what I am doing.  I'm getting infinity scarves or shawls for the bridesmaids.  My mother's dress comes with a blazer/jacket to cover her arms.  But it also might be 60F that day!  You never know :)

    We're also preparing for rain and winds, and keeping it in mind when making our plans. 

    My colors are red, gold, and ivory.  We like poppies and cranberries and that sort of thing, but the color combo didn't seem crazy christmas-y to us.  A deep dark color (deep purple?) and a metallic (copper or silver or rose gold or whatever) seem to compliment the season well.

    Pinterest has great ideas too and there's plenty of inspiration boards around here with like-minded people.  I know you'll find something :)
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    We're getting married in CT on November 14th. Historically it has a high of around 50 degrees F. My dress is strapless and I bought a shrug sweater to wear if I get cold during pictures (everything else is indoors).

    Our colors are black and champagne. We had a hard time deciding and our venue has a lot of red and green already so we wanted to carefully avoid looking like we were rushing Xmas.
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