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Is anyone else...



I'm totally starting to get into B mode because of not having stuff done and just starting to stress about things not coming together.  Poor FI has been the victim of my B-ness :-(  I need to find a way to make it up to him ;-)

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Re: Is anyone else...

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    I wouldn't say I am freaking out but I have had panic attacks here and there.
  • I am pretty relaxed.. just waiting for it to all fall into place... now a month from now may be a different story.
  • I'm pretty chill right now but I'm sure that come end of June it will be a slightly different story since I'll be moving, doing report cards and kindergarten grad, wedding stuff, and setting up my new classroom in my new community. Lol


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  • I am fine until I hear my dress is in...then I will panic b.c I am so paranoid it's not going to fit or I'm not going to like it and it's making me sick to think about it!

    (There are a million other things, too...but that's the only one I feel like would be a "disaster" of sorts :)
  • The destination wedding has def curbed me from the craziness I would be. I also am a Type A person so, so far I am ahead on things. Luckily we went and got our bands early. They have to keep my ring for six weeks! Congrats all! Enjoy and take it all in.
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  • I am still pretty relaxed. I hope to stay that way...
  • I am pretty relaxed. I get married on 7/19. As soon as I get one thing fixed something breaks. Now that both the table runners and the hair lady have had mishaps and I fixed those problems, I am waiting for something else to happen!!!
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