I'm still trying to work out favors, and we've tossed several ideas around. I've made the favors for two of my friends (chocolates) and I'm debating doing that again. my MOH is against it, but I think it has more to do with the part where I have to make them all (its a max of 100 people. Not that bad really)

My biggest prob with the chocolate is that we are doing a book and map themed wedding. None of the molds I have or can order that fall under that theme are ones I like.

So then I debated using bookmarks as escort cards with some quotes from our favorite books, and having biscotti at the table in little bags with another quote attached. 

Is that ridiculous? Any opinions? I'm trying to keep it inexpensive, and I really don't mind making things.

Re: Opinions?

  • I like both ideas of doing chocolates or the bookmark/biscotti. For the chocolates, since it's wedding, you could get away with a heart mold since the day is about love.
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    I thought the exact same thing as PP; you can use a heart chocolate mold.

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    Both ideas are fine, and hearts always work at weddings.

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    Yes, that sounds fine to me. I even like the bookmark idea. I got a bookmark once and hated it, though, b/c the couple put their engagement picture on it. I do not need a piece of paper with your picture on it, thanks!  But I like the quotes idea for them. 
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    i like the bookmark with biscotti idea!


  • Thanks!  I talked to Mom and Fiance about it, and we decided to go with wedding bell and heart chocolates and bookmarks as escort cards. (each table is connected to a specific book - so they'll have quotes from that table's book)

    Even managed to get the one mold I needed from AC Moore for .99 cents each (bought 4 to make it go faster)!
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    Maybe you could bring in the worldly theme with the chocolate flavors? French vanilla white chocolate (with real specks of vanilla bean, not really a French thing but ppl think it is so whatever. Or you could do lavender), Mexican chocolate with cinnamon, Swiss mocha, Asian ginger, etc. then have a little map tag explaining the flavors.

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    Sounds so cute!  I think I am going to do the chocolates at mine, but I love the bookmark idea!



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