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How to tell my dad...

I'm thinking about not having my dad walk me down the aisle this time and am concerned how he'll take it. This is my second marriage and I'm going to be 37 when it happens. It's been a long time since I was first married and I'm no longer the young ingenue just learning about life. I love my parents and I want them there, but I feel like this should be a solo walk this time... What are your thoughts?

Re: How to tell my dad...

  • I think you should do what you want, as this is a very personal choice. It doesn't affect anyone but you and your father. If you want to walk solo, he should be understanding of your feelings. Just be honest and gentle when you tell him your desicion. GL! :)
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  • My dad passed away so obviously he can't walk me down the aisle this time, but I'm also actively refusing anyone else who has offered (2 uncles, my brother, my biological father, and a guy best friend have all either point blank asked, offered, or otherwise made it known that they would walk me)  All of them I just firmly but politely said, thank you for offering, I love that you want to do this for me but this time I want to do it on my own.
  •      I'm having my first marriage and my father isn't walking me down the aisle. I'm 44 and have lived on my own for a while so it seems odd to have him 'give me away'. I don't think in this day and age anyone side eyes a solo walk down the aisle. 
  • I feel like at that age, and it not being your first, he'd understand. If you were in your 20s, or even still really close to your dad then yeah ask him, but otherwise it's very common for women to walk solo. Back I'm the day the bride and groom walked together!
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