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Charlotte Wedding Opinions!

Hi ladies! So FI and I have been engaged since February and initially planned to wait until next year to get married, do a big destination wedding, etc. But, after thinking more about it, we decided we didn't want to wait that long (we've been together almost 4 years, I'm almost 30 and he's mid-30s). We've decided to do a ceremony with just immediate family, followed by a nice dinner out. Then that weekend we want to have a big casual party to celebrate with all of our friends and the rest of our family! We're hoping for October 2014 but are flexible- we realize it's short notice.

My priorities are- outdoor space, indoor space (in case of inclement weather) and if possible- accessible TVs. We will have some avid sports fans there (including myself!) 

I'd love to stay close to uptown, as we live only a mile or so outside the city, so I'd love my friends and family to be able to hang around our area while they're here. But, not opposed to somewhere within 30 minutes or so.

I'm open to a place that provides food but would also be OK with finding our own caterer. Same for alcohol- ideally I'd love to be able to bring our own but not a deal breaker.

We've got a DJ, and a friend that is a photographer who is holding some dates for us. That's about it as far as "traditional" receptions go. We won't have any special dances, cake cutting, wedding party, etc. We'd probably have around 200 people total, but it would be throughout the day. I doubt we'd have that amount of people at any given time and if we do, I don't think it would be for an extended period of time. I would expect people to pop in and out.

Has anyone done anything like this before that wants to offer some insight please? Or did you get married at a venue that sounds like it might fit the bill for us??

Thanks in advance!

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    Hey there Charlotte bride! Congrats! My FI & I have been engaged 8 months, and we are so ready to be married!  July 19th is our big day! We thought about a ling engagement but are SO happy we didn't! 

    I really liked the Holiday Inn uptown but we had too many people but not by much! They have the nicest outdoor balcony! 

    It's worth a shot! 
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    Roof With A View is nice, but I'm not sure about TVs.

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    Have you considered renting from Parks and Rec. I went to a wedding at Colonel Francis Beatty park in Matthews. The hall is in front of the lake and had plenty of parking. You can take your own food
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