Need Potential Bridal Shower Locations!

Hi all! I am on this board as simultaneously a bride and a bridesmaid, and I'm looking for some great bridal shower locations, preferably for the south central or south eastern region of the state. Where did you have yours and how did it go?

Lay it on me!!!

Re: Need Potential Bridal Shower Locations!

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    i am in central connecticut and i  had my shower at portofinos in kensington they have two private rooms for parties as well as a regular dinning area for lunch and dinner,

     my mom and sister did a buffet and it was around 13 pp chicken marsala, roasted potatoes, green beans pasta and sauce bread and salad.

    they have a buffet menu online you have to have min 12.00 pp so they give you a break down of the prices for each option, and its very reasonable and the food is amazing if you get a chance stop in for dinner taste the food

    they even let you bring in your own deserts besides the cake. my mom made trays of various deserts and wrapped them in celo
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