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Hair & makeup - trial & error?

When I had my hair and makeup trial about two months ago, I really liked what they had done. My best friend went with me and she loved it as well; and even when I came home my fiancé loved it too! Now when I look back at the pictures, I want my hair to be a bit different - not a whole new hairstyle, but just a little "tighter" and not so loose, and the crown of my head was pretty plain. Also, she airbrushed my foundation on and it gave relatively nice coverage but it felt heavy and sort of goopy -- I never wear anything more than just eyeliner and mascara every day. My question is, to tweak the hairstyle a little, can I just ask for that on my wedding day and explain what I want? And has anyone had any experience with airbrush makeup? Do you prefer it to traditional? Does it wear off? How does it feel throughout the day, and how do you photograph? I'm just trying to decide if I need to contact them so they know I want to change things, or if I can just do it the day of. (My wedding isn't until January so I have time). Thanks for your help!

Re: Hair & makeup - trial & error?

  • I don't really know but I think you can just suggest tweaks that day....but the bigger question is , will you change your mind between now and January? You had your trials almost a year in advance and I hear its best to wait 4-6 weeks before the wedding for the trials.
  • The reason I did my trial so far in advance was because I wanted to book my hair & makeup team -- which is sometimes recommended at a year out. The company I chose is very popular in my area so I'd rather have secured them sooner rather than later. I'm debating on doing a second trial later in the year -- but I am pretty set on the styles I chose.
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    I just did my trial (at about 5 and a half months out). There are some tweaks I want to have made for the day of but I don't plan on redoing the trial just to address some tweaks. I'm emailing my salon's wedding consultant so I have a written record (in case I forget anything) and my stylist and I will talk it out on the day of. I'm not too concerned about it since it's just minor stuff. I don't have any experience with airbrush makeup. Why can't you go with regular foundation or BB cream instead and then use a setting spray? I don't wear any makeup on a day to day basis so I wanted something like and natural.

  • A wedding I was in, the Bride changed how she wanted her day the day of. It turned out fine!
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    I just had mine done Thursday and I liked it in the salon but when I got home and started taking pictures it wasn't translating very well on film.  My stylist is out until tomorrow so I'm just going to give her a call tomorrow morning, explain my concerns and the tweaks I'd like to make and see what she says.  If she feels it's no big deal the day of then all is well.  If she thinks I should really come in for another trial, I'll consider doing that.

  • I tweaked my hair and makeup the day of.  It wasn't a problem for them to make a few minor changes.

    I had airbrush makeup and I loved it.  It felt very light and airy to me and it stayed put the entire day, into the night and still looked pretty decent the next morning.

    Honestly your wedding is still a ways off and between now and then you may change your mind about your hair a thousand times.  I would just make a note of what you would like to change and then maybe when you get closer talk to your hair and makeup person again and let them know what you are thinking.  Heck they may even want to do another trial as you get closer just so that they can remember exactly what you wanted in the first place.

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