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Best Man Can't Make It :(

Found out yesterday that's FI's BM can't make it to the wedding. He got a job in Korea that he can't turn down and has to be out there first week in June. He's been FI's best friend for 9 years. He and I went to the same college, and even went on an abroad trip together, so we have been close friends for 3 years. We are his two best friends, so he's just as upset about it as we are, if not more.

FI's other BM will be walking my MOH down the aisle, and my BM will probably walk alone behind them. Does that sound good?

We still want to include the missing BM in the program. What should we put? "Honorary Best Man?"
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Re: Best Man Can't Make It :(

  • I would just put "Best Man"--did your FI originally have two guys chosen as Best Man? I'm hoping that when you say 'other BM' you don't mean you replaced him. Do you also have a Best Man, or are you talking about your bridesmaid?

    I wouldn't change the program at all...
  • Yeah, he originally picked two best men. And my BM is my bridesmaid.
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  • Then what you are thinking is totally fine. :)

    And I still would just list him as a best man in the program.
  • I second just leaving him best man in the program :)
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