How much does a real Chicago wedding cost?

I'm having trouble figuring out how much our wedding will cost us, so I'm hoping to get plenty of examples. I realize all weddings are different, but my hope is that knowing how much it cost in total (and broken down by expense if you can) along with your wedding size will be helpful. We're planning a wedding for 120 people. We're looking at loft-style spaces like ravenswood event center and gallery 1028.

Re: How much does a real Chicago wedding cost?

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    There is no way to answer this question, there are too many variables. Talk to your fi. Figure out how much you can afford, save, and are willing to spend on one day. That is your budget and that is how much you should spend. Dont go into debt for your wedding.

    And why do you care how much I spent on my wedding? You arent having a black tie wedding for 275 people, so my budget wont help you at all.

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    Agree with @KatWAG‌ ... It can vary like crazy. I know a girl that did her wedding for under $6k in downtown Chicago, another who did around $40K, mine is going to be around $15k, and clearly Kat's black tie is going to be way more than that! One of my co-workers opted to have her wedding in the suburbs vs downtown & it will cost her more than my downtown wedding- but she's having way more people than I am and choosing to have a very different style of wedding. It all depends on what YOU want and can afford to properly host your guests. Start looking at venue prices and catering prices. That will give you a rough estimate of the MINIMUM you will be spending. I picked a location that did not have a site fee but ended up with a food & beverage minimum. Some places have both (if they're providing food), some have none. It's a crap-shoot as to what a wedding could cost. GL!
  • If you are worried about price, going outside the city you will save about 3% bc of taxes. FYI
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