olympia garden resort or golden mast inn

need feedback/reviews from olympia garden resort in oconomonowoc and golden mast inn on Okauchee Lake (I cant spell)
doing both ceremony and reception at venue...thanks!!!!!!!

Re: olympia garden resort or golden mast inn

  • my best friend got married at the golden mast, both ceremony and reception, and it was fantastic! the food was delicious, the ceremony was very pretty outside overlooking the lake, overall it was great. we stayed at the olympia resort after the wedding. it is nice, but it is really big and they seemed to have multiple weddings going on. if that doesn't matter too much to you, then you are good to go. good luck!
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  • I've been to a ceremony/reception at Olympia as well. It's VERY large - there was also a reception happening outside in a tent and they ended up joining our reception inside. Some people don't care but others might depending on your preference. Food was just OK - could've made a lot of that stuff at home and it would've tasted better (buffet food). I don't have any experience with a sit down there. It is convenient to have it in the resort for guests who will take advantage of renting a hotel room.

    Good Luck!!!
  • We were considering Olympia for our wedding and ceremony.  It's gorgeous, but it was out of our budget.  :(  I hope you get to go look around there. 
  • My brother is getting married in a church and doing the reception at the Golden Mast. I've previously worked for both compaines, and been to events at both, and if you can afford it, I suggest the Golden Mast. Better food and the venue is nicer, overall. As a bonus, if you book to stay at Olympia afterwards, they have a shuttle that can pick you and your guests up and bring you to the hotel.
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