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Centerpiece issues

Hi! My fiancé and I are getting married June 21st. Everything is going smooth other than our centerpieces. Neither of us can figure out what to do because we don't like centerpieces( I don't even care for cut flowers). We would like to keep it lower on the budget scale especially because it's something neither of us want lol. I'm definitely a fan of simple, outside of the box and diy. Any help would be amazing!!!! Our colors are aqua/teal and purple. We don't have an actual theme.

Re: Centerpiece issues

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    Since you aren't a fan of centerpieces I would keep it pretty simple with just some candles.  Something like this, but instead of the green beads use purple or teal stones and instead of the burlap use a contrasting ribbon to the beads (so teal bead with purple ribbon or vice versa).  And in addition to the 3 main candles you could also add 3-5 votives for a little extra something something.  And all of this is 100% DIY.


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    I just went to a wedding that had a huge glass vase with a huge 3 wicked candle in the middle for their centerpiece, it was so simple but pretty!

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