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Deejays - cost? how to pick one?

I'm researching deejays for my wedding next May.  The wedding is on the beach in Delaware, which is both a resort and in the middle of nowhere, which probably makes this harder.  I really have no idea how much I should expect to spend. 

I have a rough quote for $1500 for a pretty baseline package (no fancy lights or anything) from a big company with about a dozen different deejays, and another for $2000, with travel costs, from a more upscale solo guy.  But then on WeddingWire I see people talking about spending $300 or $500.  Where are these $500 deejays - are they so barebones that they don't have webpages?  Or are they only in certain parts of the country?

What are other people on the East Coast seeing for deejay prices?  How do you know if they're any good, or if they fit with your style?

Re: Deejays - cost? how to pick one?

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    ok, that's embarrassing... it kept giving me an error when I tried to post, so I kept trying again.  Now everyone can see how confused I am, again and again and again.
  • Go by reviews/recommendations and also go with your gut feeling too. When we met with vendors some left us with a better feeling about dealing with them then others. Not that the others would have done a bad job, we just gelled better with some vendors then others
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    Prices were all over the place. Ask for referrals, search Facebook (a lot of people will have that vs a web page). Maybe ask in school offices who dj's their dances - you know they are on a budget :) I also ended up just going through the phone book.
  • DJ's vary wildly in price. I'm in Boston and the DJ prices varied between $900 to $3000. I am paying 1100 for 6 hours (including ceremony music) but no lights or anything fancy. 


  • My DJ is costing us $3400. They are doing the ceremony, cocktail and reception. They are also providing lighting for the venue. We got a package that includes a photobooth for 4 hours so that is why the price went up. Originally were going to pay $2500 without the booth.
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