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Thank you notes

Ahh it's like thank you notes on thank you notes! Has everyone had their showers? I was so happy to see my friends and family! So great!

We're getting closer! :)

Re: Thank you notes

  • I had my shower two weeks ago and just sent out the thank yous this weekend.  I was the best day ever...it was exactly what I wanted.   We did go through 29 bottles of wine...and a huge vat of sangria (and there were a shockingly small number of women)...but the party went on and on and on and I loved every minute of it!

    I actually loved writing the thank you notes, too...I will probably think differently about the wedding gift notes when there's a big volume, but I think that it's fun to write personal notes.  No one gets anything fun in the mail anymore! :)

    The wedding is getting so close, I can't wait! 
  • My shower was Saturday and I finished 40 thank you notes today.
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