torn about limo options

so my wedding is coming up and i left the limo as the last possible thing to do..
i called some places and my choices are limited at some and others they have limos no problem..

i have 7 bm and 5 gm out of my 7 bm 4 are coming from out of state ( cousin who are driving in with mom dad and siblings)
a party bus is 850 where as a limo for 6 people is around 345 lowest price i found..

a relative of mine told me to call up this one place but his quote for 2 limos was more than i wanted to spend it was the same as getting a party bus

where i will be getting ready my parents home is literaly 2 minutes from the church and the park where we are doing photos is also 2 minutes away from the church...

we did get a cc for wedding related expenses with one of those zero percent for  year deals.. that we used for the invites ( paid those off) and want to use it for the flowers and any other last minute things,.

i have my mom sister and some family telling me to get a small limo and just transport me my dad and sister moh to church and then for photos and reception me dh bm and moh.

but then i have my grandma telling me i need to have a limo for everyone then last night my mom says to me just transport the bm in the limo if you can find a 9 passanger one...   but then thats not fair to the grooms party and my fi is not happy that the gm will be left out

i need to get this limo reserved asap

another option was to rent a nice big suv and have someone drive it for us..

i called for an activity bus and that was the same price as a party bus

should i suck it up and pay 850 to supply everyone  a ride even though i really dont want to go over budget and spend 850. if i did get the party bus and spent the 850 i would have to put a deposit on the limo then they would charge the card the day of??

or should i just go with the inexpensive limo and only transport the important people?

Re: torn about limo options

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    lac1252lac1252 member
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    I'd spend the $850 if that's your only option. You really should be responsible for getting your bridal party to ceremony and reception.
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    is there a way to do a limo one way? say from the church to the reception? 
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    hyechica81hyechica81 member
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    well its church photos then reception so i could do church to photos to reception

    but thats still going to be pricy most places have a min of 3 hours and no less

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    also i am now looking at van rentals for 15 passengers we have a driver who is cert to drive larger vans does anyone know where i can look into a 15 passenger rental or maybe even renting 2 mini vans for under 250
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    My honest opinion is that it needs to be either all or nothing.  Either provide transportation for everyone, or no one, but providing a limo for only a few bridesmaids or groomsmen isn't ok.

    If you decide to spend the $850 just get your money's worth.  Have them drive you everywhere it possibly can.  Remember that it's not just about transportation, but it's a place for the bridal party to "hide" (for lack of a better word) until it's time for everyone to see you.

    If not, just make sure that the bridal party knows in advance what the plan is so that they can arrange transportation to the reception and back home.  And I wouldn't do a one-way ride to the reception.  Again, personal preference, but I find it more of an inconvenience to drive to the reception venue early in the day to drop my car off and get a ride back to get ready than I would to just have my car with me all day.
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    hyechica81hyechica81 member
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    @jessie42613 i agree with you on the one way no place will give us a one way ride they all have minimums. and i dont expect anyone to drive to the reception leave the car then have to find a way back to get ready. I have x amount of dollars to spend on transportation and every place i call is super expensive.I wish i could say hey I have x amount of dollars I need two limos is there anything you can do for me. but i went that route with photographers and i got zero responses from places or I would get generic emails with attachments to package information and nothing that was in my budget. or photographers who said they could work with me but when it came time to what i wanted and needed then the communication suddenly stopped. i have 2 people who can drive 2 mini vans to transport the whole bridal party, thats if i could even find 2 mini vans for under 250 for saturday and return on sunday... one of those drivers also is cert to drive larger vehicles and can drive a 15 passanger van i dont know of anyplace i can rent one from.. my last option was to rent a regular size bus from datco a nice yellow school bus or a smaller yellow school bus but i heard even those are pricey
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    companies will do one way, my mom got 1 limo one way from Coventry to Noank, i think it was $375
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    i wonder if i called them and asked them how much a two way limo would cost church to pictures to reception
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