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My Mother isn't coming to my wedding

My mother hasn't spoken to me or my fiancé since December. I had asked him to step in on an argument that we were having. (Her being selfish, thinking everything revolves around her.) I really think she has blown everything out of proportion. She always needs to have someone to "hate" on. Right now that's my fiancé and I. I recently came to find out that she will not be attending my wedding, which I can't say doesn't come to me as a surprise. This hurts more than you can imagine. I can't picture her not being a part of any of the photos or memories on the most important day of her eldest daughters life. I've tried contacting her but she hits the FU button or just doesn't return my texts. I know I'm not welcome in her home, so I haven't even tried. Thank you for listening to me vent. I just needed to get that off my chest!
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