videography- worth it or not?

Hi! I'm a Boston bride planning a wedding for May of 2015. I am going back and forth on the subject of hiring a videographer and I just...don't know.

My fiance doesn't want one and says he'll never watch the video. I agreed at first, seeing as how we already hired a fantastic photographer and figured pictures will suffice. But the more I think about it (and the more videos I watch), I feel like I would regret it if I didn't have a video of the most special day of our lives. We also have a one year old son and someone brought up the very good point that he would probably love to watch it later on and see how involved he was in our wedding. I had not even thought about that!

So my question would be is it worth the investment or not? Prices are pretty up there and it is an added expense we have not budgeted for. Even though I am on the fence about it, i feel like I might be leaning more toward wanting a video, rather than regretting it later on. How do I convince my fiance it's worth it? Anyone who has been through this/going through it, I would love your feedback!

And any recommendations of videographers in the Boston area would be appreciated as well :)

Re: videography- worth it or not?

  • Totally worth the investment. The truth is, modern videography is nothing like it used to be - two hour long videos of the whole reception, random people dancing, interviews, boring. Now they are shorter, and pieced together like a movie trailer or something out of the movies. Something super fun that you'll want to share on Facebook and watch over and over again. My fiancé owns a wedding film company, so I'm a little biased - Epic Filmmakers ( He films all over New England - including Boston. His company filmed our engagement video. So that his team could attend our wedding, we hired Jamie Podworski of JPod Productions. He's amazing too!

    PS. Your vows will go by so fast - and you'll only hear him say them to you once - it'll be such a blur that yes, you'll want to hear and see, them again! Good luck :)

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    I think it's worth the expense too. I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg, so I sought out a couple options in RI that will travel to MA. My recommendations are LMproductions and Michael J Larson Films for affordable videography.
  • People always say "why woud I want to watch a video of myself?" and Im doing it for completely opposite reasons. I have no home videos of my parents, grandparents, sibling. I want the video so that after they pass I can watch it and see my mom smile and her my grandpa laugh. nd share that with my kids. I would have loved to watch my parents' wedding. Look around, you can find great deals/ prices. Don't just settle on one that seems to be the average price.



  • Do you have any friends you could ask to videotape the important parts, like ceremony, cake-cutting, first dance?  That may be a good compromise to have some footage, but not spend $$$.
  • Oh I've look at Epic Filmakers! :) they look great and I feel like it's worth the investment, but the only problem is I don't know if I could fit it into my budget right now =\ and I know things like that book up I have to decide hard!

    But thank you all for the advice and suggestions!
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    Email him :) He's doing a special on all remaining dates in 2014. :) Good luck!

  • I know I am late to the game, but I almost didn't get one either but I found an affordable one ( and I went for it because I just didn't want to regret not having one. I was so glad I did because we had several family members who had an emergency and could not make it and I also loved looking back on our ceremony and toasts, just so much happened and it went by so fast that I barely remembered anything so I love having a video to watch.
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