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[[Double posted!! Can't delete??]] Firing my Bridesmaids

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Hi guys - need your opinion on my situation!!
I had been convinced by my partner to have two BMs because he wanted two Groomsman, and he event convinced me which two girls to choose. So after choosing them, asking them via cute little 'proposal' boxes and thinking all would be sweet... I am now thinking of firing them.

It's not that I don't love them anymore, it's just that we are at different phases of life. One has been single for 3 years after bailing on her wedding, the other just got our of a divorce. They are both 'single, young and free' and don't see the future or the need to plan the future. It's getting frustrating and I can't talk to them about wedding plans.  The other day one accused me of 'not having her back' because I told her brother the truth about the random guy she was sucking face with at the front of a club.

I am just not getting any support and it's a bit of an issue because I don't have a mother or any siblings to share the experience with... but do I want them there by my side if all they're bringing to my experience is frustration, and awkwardness?  I'm also not sure if I want to replace them, or just do it alone. 

Would you fire them too? What would you say?

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