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Brookside or Rivercrest

I'm not 100% sure of the prices on either. I haven't visited either. However, I heard they are both gorgeous.! I want to know which you get more for your money from. Do they both come with tables and chairs? Also, do they both have separate places for the ceremony and the reception? Do they set up and tear down?

Re: Brookside or Rivercrest

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    I'm not sure if you still need this feedback but I looked at both venues and ended up going with Rivercrest.

    Rivercrest is muuuuch cheaper than Brookside, not just in the deposit but in the fact that at Rivercrest you pay a flat fee and that gets you the barn from Wednesday through your wedding day, any of the decor she has, a bride & groom's suite that you can stay the night in during the week, and all of her areas. Since you have it all week you can do the rehearsal whenever you want. You're in charge of setting up, but tables and chairs are provided. They do all of the clean up you just take home whatever you brought and want to keep. I found this place right when they were starting out, but they're booking up pretty quickly and they only do one wedding a week. Also, you can get married in the barn and have the reception on the other side - it works perfectly, or they also have an outdoor location. 

    Brookside only includes the barn, a downstairs area for brides to get ready, and a bartender. They have a farm house and a groom's lodge but you have to pay extra for both. You also only get the venue the day of your wedding and if you want a rehearsal you have to work around their schedule because they have weddings Friday, Saturdays, & Sundays. They have tables and chairs and I think they at least do that set up, but I think you have to help with the clean up. They were working on a covered area for a ceremony but you have to pay extra for that and you also had to pay extra for an outdoor ceremony. 

    Bottom line: Brookside is a very nice place to get married, but the three men running it pretty much are in it for the business to make money. At Rivercrest you can tell that the lady that runs it truly has a passion for what she does and does everything in her power to make your day perfect. 
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