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Hi everyone!
I am a graduate student studying Spanish & Education, and am completing an ethnographic study that compares the wedding traditions of Spain to our wedding traditions here. Could you take a minute and answer the following questions? It would help me out a lot! :) Thanks so much!!
(If you don't want to reply here, you can fill out the questionnaire here)
1.       How old are you?2.       Male or female?3.       Are you married? If you are... What was the most unforgettable or memorable moment of your wedding? Who participated in your wedding? How many people attended? How did people dress? How old were you? Did you get married in a church or somewhere else? 4.       What do you think of when you hear the word "wedding"? What images do the word "wedding" give you? 5.       What are some of the most important wedding customs and traditions for you? What do they mean? What do they represent?6.       Can you describe a wedding you have attended? 7.       What role does religion play into wedding ceremonies? How important is it in your opinion?  Many thanks in advance! :)
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