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wedding colors?

Curious to see what you ladies are doing for colors...
I am looking at doing cornflower blue (which is a hard color to match I'm finding out), with buttercream yellow and having silver accents...

Re: wedding colors?

  • Those sound pretty. Our colors are navy, red, and gold. Yes - a bit patriotic, but I'm pulling shades of red that are less Americana and more Chinese. My fiancé is Chinese American, so we're doing all of the Chinese traditions - and red and gold are key colors there...but he didn't want to be "too Chinese," so navy
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    We're having a night wedding so it will be Lapis, silver, ivory and black (only as a small accent).
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  • lavender/deep purple/gray/light pink
  • We are getting married in front of a stunning floor to ceiling jewel toned stain glass window, so we are going with a jewel tone color scheme set of with black and silver accents to keep it from being too much color.
  • Our colors red, white and silver
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  • Blush, coral, and gold. I was originally leaning towards turquoise but I found the blush, coral, gold combo on Pintrest and fell in love. Will probably be more gold and coral heavy though.
  • Pinterest is pretty amazing and dangerous.
  • I'm doing black, white and touches of hot pink.
  • Purple in various shades, silver and white.
  • Pink and red. I'm currently considering a red dress. Very non traditional. Him in grey linen pants, white shirt, pink tie. Both of us in barefeet since we're having a beach wedding. 

    I'm also considering getting us each baseball jerseys for the reception with mine reading "Bride" and his "Groom".  He took me to a baseball game for our first date. It's always been our common bond.
  • We are doing black and ivory with accents of a dark red.
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  • I am going crazy thinking about colors. The night we told my family the great news of the engagement ( the day after he proposed), my sister found a purple/gray combo on pinterest that I loved so I took it to a few bridal stores and asked about the dress color and what they had and felt happy about a color they showed me that was close. Well when all the girls went to try on dresses, that color wasn't as flattering so we looked at a deeper purple and really liked it. The girls also tried on a red dress just for style and we all loved that dress and decided on the purple. Well after we left, I found myself thinking about switching to red and purple with red for the dresses but is that appropriate for a July wedding?
  • We are doing Tiffany blue, and Ivory with accents of coral. 
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