Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Best day ever!

I don't want to be too AWish, but I did want to share just one photo at least :) Our day was great and I loved seeing everything come together--it was so pretty! And I can't stop thinking about the music--I had so many compliments on it. The bridesmaids walked down the aisle to "The Grand Waltz" from the Sound of Music and I walked down it to the processional Maria walks down to, and then our recessional was the Laendler. Basically ever since, I've been singing songs from the Sound of Music to myself all the time. We also entered our reception to the Downton Abbey theme and everyone was laughing--loved that part. I can't wait for the professional photos to come in! But for now, here's one my mother-in-law took while the photographer was taking pictures.

Re: Best day ever!

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