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Need Help! Venue Suggestions

I'm looking for non-prepackaged hall suggestions in Baton Rouge. I'm working with a very small budget, $3000, and would like to find a hall that we can bring our own alcohol & food. I've been looking and when you search hall, I only get options like Stage 1, Oaklodge, etc.

I'm looking for out of the box suggestions on venue space. Please help!

Re: Need Help! Venue Suggestions

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    does it have to be in baton rouge? does it have to be inside?  in st.tammany parish we have a beautiful state park fountainebleau state park thats free to use and it has a large pavillion with bathroons great for rustic.......also try a recreation center crazy i know but alot of them are cheap the picture is of a wedding in tn that was a sports center qnd they were able to rent a parachute that hid everything
    only $35! they rented a parachute and hung it from the ceiling -Beautiful!
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    Try BREC parks. They have prices listed online for different sites. 
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    Try 3 Steps Special Events in Denham Springs.  I think you get the place for like an entire 24 hours and all you have to do is clean up your own mess.  I know when we first started looking it was our first choice but then we decided that it would be too hectic to try and cook and everything. (225)665-5778 and you can google them.
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