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I am hoping to get some feedback on an idea I've had for part of my bridesmaids' gift.  I cook a lot, which all of my wedding party knows.  They all call me frequently for cooking help, recipes, ideas, to brag when they cook and it goes well, etc.  As part of their gift, I am going to put together a cookbook of all my favorite recipes and include a favorite recipe for each of them (which I'm getting from their spouses, parents, etc.)  I am also planning to highlight a recipe that reminds me of each girl and why it reminds me of them.  I will still be buying something for each of them that is for them specifically, since I know I'm supposed to "shop like it's her birthday".  Is this something that you would appreciate and enjoy having?  The 5 girls range from 19-25 and 3 are living with their significant others and the other 2 are living alone, so they are all venturing into the cooking world.  Thanks in advance for your feedback! 
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