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So White!!

Ok, so I'm normally fine with being pale (I have dark red hair so it works well), but on my wedding day, I'd like to have a little color. My dress is off white, so it looks better with my skin than bright white, but I want to stand out from it. I don't want to go tanning because skin cancer runs in my family and I burn very easily. I also don't want to get a spray tan because I'm terrified of turning orange! That pretty much leaves me with sunless tanners. Does any one have any suggestions on what to use? I've only ever used one once and it turned out looking really streaky. Help!

Re: So White!!

  • I haven't used any self tanners, but I do get a spray tan and it looks completely natural. The people that you see that are orange are using a really dark color and probably go a lot. I am spray tanning on Thursday night for my Saturday wedding. By the time the wedding day comes I will just have a nice little bit of color. I would recommend doing a spray tan trial with a place that actually sprays the tanner on you instead of somewhere that just has a booth. A person who is trained in it can mix a color that will look good on you and can apply it lighter and darker in certain areas. I used to use a booth and there is a huge difference having someone spray it on me.
  • Do you have time before your wedding to test a spray tan? I've had a couple and I honestly never end up orange.I agree with @tammym1001, if there is a place near you that does it by hand that's the best way to go.

    I use Jergens Daily Glow regularly and it doesn't streak or look orange but I plan on going the spray tan route for my wedding
  • I have a recommendation!! The color appears within an hour!

    L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion - Streak free - Medium natural tan color.

    I am also very pale with red hair and blue eyes. I started using it and I apply after every other shower and I love it. Just enough color. and I don't get streaks. Just rub it in really really well.

    It DOES have shimmer stuff in it.. So I don't use it on my face. I use makeup there. The shimmer disappears within 24 hours, but it doesn't bother me.

    image   image   image

  • I have two suggestions:
    1-If you want to do it yourself, use St. Tropez self tanning mousse. Buy the mitt (only $6) so your hands don't absorb the tanner. It absorbs quickly, doesn't smell, and can be layered daily depending on how dark you want to go.
    2-If you go to a salon, have them airbrush you. So much better than a booth because they select the color for you once you arrive. I've even used one called "winter glow". I'm pale and its just a little something.
  • Whatever product you use, make sure you try it out asap, this way if you have any type of reaction, or don't like the look, you have plenty of time for things to clear up. Don't wait until shortly before your wedding to try out a new product.
  • Have you thought about getting a really good mua to contour and define your face and decollete? My sister is very pale but makeup can go a very long way! Unless you want to be tanner all over (arms, back) then I would suggest trying this :)


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    I felt the same way as you.  I'm very pale but wanted just a bit of color to stand out.  My makeup artist suggested that if we were on the fence about a tan for the wedding we should also do a tan trial about 2 days before the makeup trial so she could get the correct shades for our makeup figured out.  With that in mind, I found an airbrush place but my girls were less than enthusiastic about someone seeing them in their bra/underwear so I switched it up and found Sun Tan City that has a VersaPro Tan booth.  We all went last night and other than realizing we need to be a bit more careful with the barrier cream on our hands.  The color looks terrific on all three of us.  I was even initially set on getting the light color because I am sooo pale but they recommended that we try medium that way we would know early (2 1/2 weeks before the wedding) if the medium was too much color or just right, instead of starting with light and not having time to step up to medium if it wasn't as dark as we wanted.  We took the chance and all of us are very pleased with the results.

    I will also say that Sun Tan City's website features a coupon that is good for a free spray tan for 1st time visitors on Sunday through Wednesday (they aren't allowed to advertise to minors so coupon is only valid if you are over the age of 18).  In our area it is $35/per person per visit without a membership.  My two BMs are both teenagers so I was looking at $175 for all of us to get (2) spraytans.  Well when we got there they worked with us on a membership which allows you to get one spraytan a month for $20/per person with the first month prorated by the date of the month that you join.  Since we went in on the 28th - the first month membership for the girls was only $3/each and the second month is $20.  So all total with their memberships and my coupon we are now only looking at about $100.  The savings of $75 makes this budget bride very happy!  I just have to be mindful to cancel the memberships after the wedding.

    Good Luck!

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  • I would use Jergens gradual tan if you just want a little bit of color. Honestly, your fiance thinks you're beautiful the way you are so you don't want to look too different on your wedding day. I agree with the other posters, do NOT use a spray tan booth. It will give you awful streaks and start to cake off....I even used the "mystic tan" booth, which is supposed to be the best.....
  • concern is tan lines that I already have, and I am wearing a strapless dress for our October wedding.  Can the spray tan even the tan lines out/hide them and is there a concern of the spray tan wearing off on my gown the day of the wedding?  Those are my worries.  I don't know a soul at has had a spray tan, so I am glad I found this convo.  Also, would it be too early to get the spray tan the Saturday before the wedding?  THANKS!
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