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Wedding Reviews 6/27/13

OMG. Apologies I am so late with my reviews, but better late than never right? :)

My Husband and I are from the Midwest and he comes from a very large family. We knew we couldn't afford the wedding we wanted and still be able to invite all of our family- so the destination wedding thoughts began. We wanted to get married somewhere that was affordable for our family and friends to go, therefore we narrowed it down to Vegas. Let me tell you- having a destination wedding was the best decision we made and I would never change a thing about that! So here are the reviews for our wedding vendors:

Stephen Salazar Photography- A+++

My FAVORITE vendor. I am so happy we decided to hire our own photographer and I am so thankful for Stephen's expertise and the care he put into our wedding pictures. One thing I really wanted- but couldn't afford- was a wedding cinematographer. One our flight home from our honeymoon Stephen sent us this: I cry every time I watch it and I promise I cherish this video more than any gift we received on our wedding day. I have also attached some of his beautiful pictures to the bottom. I would highly recommend him to any couple.

The Grove- A

At our destination wedding, we didn't want a drive-thru chapel to get married at- we still wanted to have a traditional wedding and reception. The Grove delivers! It was nice that they included almost everything you needed for a wedding into their pricing already. This was helpful on the things we did not care a whole lot about and were already provided for us aka cake, flowers, food, DJ. They were pretty accommodating and allowed us to mail our wedding items to them and they would hold them for us for our wedding day because they knew it would be difficult to fly all these items in from out of town. On our wedding day, they made sure that my husband and I got food plated for us. This was so nice because we were flying around taking pics and mingling- it was awesome to see food on plates at our seats when we arrived.

Good Vibrations DJ- A

We toyed around with the idea of hiring an outside DJ and I'm so glad we did not. The other DJ we were going to hire was more of an entertainer and, seeing how our wedding played out, he would not of been a good fit. The DJ played the music our husband and I requested and that was great. One small thing- they did not listen to my changes to our processional music. I asked to change one of the songs and instead they played both songs. It was fine, but it was weird have 3 music changes during the procession and that bothered me.

AAA Shuttle Bus Rental- F

This was the thorn in my side and still upsets me to this day. Since our wedding and reception were off the strip, we decided to offer a shuttle bus transportation for our guests so they could really enjoy the open bar. Hiring AAA Limo was the worst mistake we made. The driver showed up 1 1/2 hours late to pick up my guests because the air conditioning was not working. They didn't even call me to tell me the situation and they were going to be late. Even when he arrived there, my guests had to drive in over 100 degree heat with no air conditioning. He also asked my guests for directions to the venue because "he didn't know how to get there." What driver does not have GPS or has not at least used MapQuest to prepare directions of the length of time it will take you to get from point A to point B. My bridesmaid was throwing up when she arrived because the extreme heat/lack of air conditioning made her sick. Therefore, because he was late, my wedding started 1 1/2 hours late!!!!! Cutting into our reception time we also then had no light for pictures (my husband and I were taking pictures at night). Everything therefore was rushed for the remainder of the evening. Needless to say they refunded our money. I honestly should have sued them for the cost of my wedding because we in essence received a half hour ceremony, barely any pictures and a 2 hour reception. I pray you use another reputable service.

Hair by Harmony- B

While she was friendly and had great communication skills. My hair feel out the moment I left the hotel to go to my wedding. I felt as though I could have created the look I paid her $100 to do myself. Again, I give her a B for her customer service skills and her work while lacking was not ugly by any means. I just expected more when I pay someone to come to me to do my hair.

Makeup by MAC- B+

I felt like I was wearing too much makeup the whole day, but I know for pictures this was a must. The makeup translated well and held up even until the next day! The only reason I do not give an A was because the service was shyt. The girl was snooty and a little on the rude side. I'm picky about this because I feel as though on your wedding day-OF ALL THE DAYS IN YOUR LIFE- you should be treated like a queen. I felt like I was imposing on her time and she was very short with me. But, at the end of the day, I will take this treatment for a beautiful look.

Wyndam Suites- A+

This place was great! My grandma has a timeshare and gifted us this for our wedding week in Vegas. The customer service was top notch and the staff was always friendly. The suites are just that- SWEET! Beautifully and modernly decorated and cleanly at all times. It was great because we were able to have all of our family and friends over to the hotel (some stayed at Wyndam, some did not) and have a cook out by the pool the day before our wedding. It was one of my favorite times on the trip!

Nature's Flowers- B-

This lady was so hard to get ahold of! Having a destination wedding means communication in the form of email and phone calls especially are key. I never felt very at ease about my flowers. Thank God for my mom handling this one because again the communication was frustrating. Other that that, her prices were affordable. This was a vendor provided by The Grove. It is not someone I chose on my own. Flowers were never a big deal to me so I was willing to work with her in order to save some money.

Cake Couture A

This was another vendor provided by The Grove. Super easy to work with and my guests raved about the taste. I was happy my guests were happy!

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