Pre-wedding Parties

So...No one has offered to host a bridal shower

I am super bummed that no one has offered to throw me a bridal shower.  I have several women friends I've meeting with every Saturday for 13 years--half my life--and they have done similar things for other group members (baby showers, etc.) but none have offered up.  I'm very close with my parents and several of their friends who have known me since I was born and I have worked for in the past, etc.  But none of them have offered.  I thought I'd actually have to turn down someone's offer because so many of my friends (and my mom's friends) love to entertain--that's the common thread.  Now 12 weeks before my wedding and silence.  I'm having a hard time not feeling a little bruised by this.  In my part of the country everyone has a bridal shower.  My older sister had 3 or 4 (different friend groups).  And my MOH is my sister so that's not proper etiquette.  I also have another sister bridesmaid, a bridesmaid who's going to be out for Navy training a full month before the wedding, and one who's out of town.  Right now I just need to figure out how not to take it so personally.

My fiance and I had originally planned to get married last summer and decided to postpone.  I wonder if that had a chilling effect on people.  Maybe once the invitations are sent out it will be more real to people?  My parents have a big annual Memorial Day barbecue so maybe I will talk about the wedding and one of the friends will feel ambitious.  I was just looking forward to getting together with my favorite women in a smaller setting than the wedding.  
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