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My 16-year old sister is my MOH, the other Bridesmaids are wondering what to do?

Hi all,

My 16-year old sister (only sister), is my MOH, and I definitely wouldn't have it any other way.  The bridesmaids are all cousins and groom's sisters, and my long time best friend.

They are all very excited and I think it's a great bridal party -- however they are all asking me what to do about my sister and planning a bachelorette party, having drinks, etc.  I have told all of them that my sister knows she won't be able to make it to all of it, but it's important to all of us that she is included in something somehow.

I am nervous to tell the other bridesmaids what to do about my sister and a bachelorette party, but I am not really sure who now "makes a plan" for that, as it would usually be MOH's "responsibility"?

Re: My 16-year old sister is my MOH, the other Bridesmaids are wondering what to do?

  • If you are having a destination bachelorette party, then, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about that.  However, if it is a girls' night out, maybe you all could go to dinner first, then your sister can go home before you all hit the bars.  Another option would be having as many of the BMs join you for a girls luncheon or a mani-pedi day.  If it is a destination event, then maybe you all could do a lunch or dinner prior to departure with whomever is available.  Finally, never underestimate the importance of just the two sisters having a day together.
    Best of luck and congrats on being such a considerate sister and bride.
  • I had the same issue. One of my bridesmaids was 16. I tried to think of something to do for my bach party to include her but it turned out her mom didn't want her going anyway so it ended up not being an issue.
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  • kla728kla728 member
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    My bridal party is my two FSILs and my three best friends.  One of my FSILs is 16, and I made a point of telling my MOH (one of my friends) that I wanted her included somehow... she is lot like me and I adore her.  Since we are all spread out across the country, I guess its considered a destination bachelorette party?  We are going to the city FSILs live in and that the rest of us all have ties to.  The first night we are there, we are doing a chill movie night at the hotel that she can come to.  The group hasn't spent a lot of time together so I think it'll be great for bonding :)  The next day we are doing a wine tour & dinner with some other friends that obviously my 16 yr old FSIL won't be a part of.  A good mix of both worlds! 

    So... long story short, it is definitely possible to have her involved.  I would ask whomever you feel closest to if they are comfortable planning something with an under 21/under 18 appropriate component.  Then just let her know you did that... you could also mention it to her beforehand if you think that would make a difference for how she felt about it.  It's not all that unusual -- FI is having a groomsman other than his BM plan his bachelor party just because he knew that this guy was super pumped about it.
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    Two of my BMs were under 18. We did mani/pedis and went to dinner with them. After that we went back to MOHs house for dessert and a couple drinks then we hit up the bars. The only part they didn't attend was the bar.
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    Anyone can throw a bachelorette party for you. Or no one may offer to throw one at all. Either way it would be nice to include your sister in part of the plans should someone offer to host a party for you. You are welcome to accept an offer to host from someone other than your sister,
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    I've got a 13 year old BM (FSIL) and my FI has his 17 year old brother as a GM. I know that our BM is planning a Halo party on the original Xboxes, probably with pizza and margaritas at our apartment, so FBIL will be able to be there. I've requested that my sister/MOH plan a combo lingerie shower/FUN party (strangely, a lot of women I know don't know that it's a sex toy party), so if the FUN party takes place, my FSIL won't be able to be there.
    When I was a BM for a wedding Sept 2012, I planned a lingerie shower for the bride and it would could have been a great bachelorette party, but we also went out a week before the wedding as the bachelorette party. Anyway, my party was really cool and if you'd be okay with staying in for food and drinks, a lingerie shower themed bach party could be something your older BMs could help your sister plan. :)
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