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Reception Venue help!

So the story is that we are on a tight budget, and a large guest list. We have 275 people. Feeding that many on a budget is a huge issue, but we found a caterer we can afford.

But now I’ve looked seemingly everywhere, and I can’t find a reception venue that fits that many people (plus dancing), allows outside caterers, and isn’t uber expensive.

We originally wanted to have it in Detroit, but after I couldnt find anything there I expanded my search to almost anywhere (In the general metro-detroit vicinity).

Although my preference was to avoid stuff halls, at this point I’ll take any suggestions you might have. The only thing I won’t do is outside.

Please help a girl out! And our budget for the venue is no more than $2000 (and that needs to include tablea/chairs).

Re: Reception Venue help!

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    Post this on the Detroit local wedding board. This board is international, so we probably wont be too helpful. 

    We wanted to avoid hotels and banquet halls as well, so we looked for parks, museums, libraries, breweries, and restaurants. 
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    With a guest list that large and a budget that small, I kind of feel like you're asking for the impossible.  I would suggest possibly doing it at a park would work, and that's the one thing you won't do lol.  I didn't see any halls that don't want you to use their food.  Even the barns we looked at were at least $2000 for the rental fee alone.  Good luck, I hope you find something.


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    Wanted to add, our venue (in Dearborn) rental fee is $2000 and that does include tables and chairs (as long as you don't want to upgrade).  But you do have to use their food. 


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