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Married 5/3/14 reviews & pics

I'm a chronic lurker & I don't post or reply much but reading others reviews really helped me so I want to be able to help others the same so here it goes in no specific order!  First off my day was absolutely amazing thanks to the following vendors:

G.O.H Time Events: A+++++++++++++++++

Day of Coordination Services provided Mrs. Lilian Goh. Lilian is so amazing let me say she exceeded my expectations and I had high expectations. I’m very detailed oriented /sporadic at the same time and I also have to be in control most time. Lilian was able to handle all of my crazy for lack of better words with ease, efficiency and poise. I sent her numerous emails throughout the day and she always responded usually within minutes and no later than the next business day. She is very personable, professional and on top of everything as she is extremely detailed oriented which is exactly what makes her GREAT at what she does. Lilian has a natural talent for coordinating and she gives direction so well while keeping the morale of the group up. She is very resourceful for example I had most of my wedding ceremony and reception items shipped directly to her and unfortunately the glass jars for my popcorn bar arrived shattered, Lilian took it upon herself to go the store in town and have them replaced without me even asking her to do so, crisis averted and no more worries for me. I also really appreciate Lilian always had our best interest in mind frequently ensuring if we were okay or needed anything throughout the day, Good example my husband is a diabetic Lilian had an emergency kit with candy in it for him and she also checked in with him making sure he had checked his blood sugar “how awesome is that” Lilian made sure everything I wanted and or needed on the day of was taken care of. I had no worries. I must not forget Lilian’s assistant Mike (sometimes) who is also her husband he is very nice and professional as well everyone loved him too.Here are just a few things they provided on my wedding day that was just exceptional and really helped keep my day flowing :Provided MC services – we had an IPod wedding no DJ needed it was great thanks to G.O.H time. Lilian was great announcing every event to cake cutting to the father daughter dance etc. They transported wedding items/food to and from the locations as needed. I can honestly say from the moment I decided to hire Lilian I felt relieved I had someone who could assist me with dealing with vendors, and creating a time-line that was executed perfectly.

Earth Limo's A+
I rented the new Lincoln limo in white and a black escalade for the guest they arrived early and took the quickest route given it was the big fight day they avoided the strip which would of taken us forever to get from the Aria to Maggiano's. The drivers were nice and the staff while booking were great.

Freeds Bakery A++++++++
My cake was beautiful and tasted amazing it was a 3 tier 4x6x8 (small wedding party of 14)  Flavors of almond cake with 50/50 icing Bavarian cream with strawberry  filling in the 1st and 3rd tiers and chocolate filling in the middle tier, so moist and fresh.

Aria Wedding Chapel A+++++++++
We purchased the Fantasy Package & I opt to not use Cashman Photography I'm not a fan and was not willing to risk the quality of my photos or video so turns out with a letter to management and the help of my chapel coordinator Marissa who was great, I ended up being the first wedding that was allowed to use outside vendors ( without cashman photography being on premises, no offense to those who use them or happen to like their work)  to film and shoot my wedding of course this came at an cost of $250 outside vendor fee. The chapel is beautiful I choose the pink up lighting with aisle treatment of mixed rose petals with hydrangea bushels and candles. The bridal and groom suites as so lush and great for photos. My dealing with the staff their especially Marissa was always pleasant but I did notice once wedding season was in full swing response to emails became more and more delayed otherwise no worries great service and my flowers i.e bouquet /boutonniere were beautiful.

Vadra Hotel - A-
We stayed in the  executive corner suite what an awesome suite very clean and spacious, the view was to die for especially at night, stayed from May 1st to the 5th. I did not like that they did not offer any upgrades , champagne or anything maybe because it was so much going on during our weekend. I really enjoyed the no gaming so it was quiet and relaxing. we did not really get to enjoy the amenities because we were way to busy doing wedding things or trying to sleep.

MgM Grand hotel - B
Not impressed by the rooms at all I guess after checking out of the Vdara that is to be expected. We had the premier view king room in my opinion comparable to the luxor tower rooms so not worth what we paid for the 3 nights we were there, room was clean view was just okay  they did send up a bottle of champagne and a complimentary fridge to store the left over wedding cake so thats a plus. I would not stay here again not worth the money to me and I don't like the hustle & bustle of this casino, maybe the signature rooms are better.

Joey Allen Photography  A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
What can I say I love Joey he is such a perfectionist I mean he showed up early to do the staging he is very nice and personable. He listened to my ideas and he tried his absolute best to get every shot I wanted. My entire family loved him , we even danced together at the reception, even though I have not received the finished product yet I think I would hire joey over and over again. He did send a few photos which I will share on the post. I highly recommend him for any event he is my top vendor , Joey responds to emails quickly in most cases within a few minutes to an hour always the same day, he makes great suggestions and he is very helpful. He is all around nice guy and he knows his stuff.

Lighten Films  ?
We purchased the Highlight Reel experience with a few extra hours added this was my most expensive vendor but Terrence and his crew are very nice. I was assigned Steven and Marcel ( I think that's her name) but I mostly dealt with Steven during the wedding day and he was very nice personable he even bust a beat while I did a silly rap while getting ready, he really did listen to my ideas and honestly I could not tell when they filming they were so in the background so of course I have not received the video yet but I'm hoping for a great one. But overall my interaction with Lighten films thus far has been great no complaints. I will update again once I receive the video but I would recommend them.

Maggiano's-  A
We had our reception luncheon in the Dicarlo room it was a total of 14 guest it was very nice with just enough room, however I did notice my setup was not exactly how I asked but it was still perfect after all.  My colors were champagne and blush satin linens ( RSVP rentals arranged by Maggianos) and it looked wonderful. The banquet captain was on point he kept the food and liquor flowing everything on my menu was great from the calamari fritters to the stuffed mushrooms. my guest were stuffed right after the appetizers and could not believe more food was to come. We choose to do an Ipod for music it was great and the best option for us my guest loved the music selection, we rented the Ipod dock and the wireless microphone with speaker. 

Popped - B
We had a popcorn bar at the reception with 5 different flavors, smores, piggy ( bacon, Carmel & chocolate) salt & vinegar, chicago style, get toasted (cinnamon toast crunch kinda flavor) It was a hit everyone loved the popcorn especially while waiting at our semi cocktail hour while drinking our signature drink.  It was pretty cool and the popcorn was good not great in my opinion but the flavors were true to the name. I would recommend them.

CV linens.com -A
I purchased champagne charger plates from this site they arrived in good condition brand new and they made my table look very elegant and the cost was much cheaper then renting charger plates. I purchased in bulk of 24 and paid $2 per plate.

Elite Transportation - B-
Alan the owner is great and he has good customer service skills I can't say the same for all of his staff. We were assigned Drew and he was a "dick"  He showed up without any music playing totally ruined the initial wow factor we wanted for our guest after the reception and he did not have the DVD with our music videos we had just dropped off per the owner Alan's approval the evening before which happen to have a sticky note for Drew with simple damn directions. Then when he was asked about why the music is not playing etc apparently I heard he was being an ass about it then said he needed to call his boss "alan" so after that call he gives us an additional 15 mins on the bus because he has to go back to the business to pick up our DVD. Drew's attitude was not friendly but not completely rude either but you could tell he would rather be doing something else. He did stop wherever we wanted and he would do what I asked he just was not the nicest guy. Overall the bus is crazy awesome sound system is bananas the TV's, the lights the stripper poles all worth it, my guest had a ball that's all they could talk about. The drinking continued as we supplied our guest with even more liquor and the shots were endless. We had the bus for 3 hours by the end of the trip we were crazy drunk and happy and the same damn time. I would recommend Elite to anyone but I would not recommend Drew one damn bit maybe he had an off day but ain't nobody got time for that.

Got Blush?- B++
I had to fly a MUA into Vegas from Detroit because I had the worst time trying to find an artist who could do my makeup to my standard in Vegas . I'm a black woman with some skin imperfections not horrible at all anywho Toi did an awesome job on my makeup the day of as well as for  MOH. She did her thing and our makeup lasted all day with an initial application of 5:00am and 6:00am in the morning . I had an afternoon wedding and all pictures were done before the ceremony. It was 97-99 degrees on May 3rd and I did not have one touch up and my makeup was still pretty much flawless by the end of the evening. No worries. It was a long road with the 3 trials I had with this artist but it was worth it in the end.

Thats all for now I hope you enjoy the Photos from Joey Allen


Re: Married 5/3/14 reviews & pics

  • Congrats! I'm so envious of you being able to get out of cashman. I tried with no luck for our march 29th wedding!
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  • fablovefablove member
    Fifth Anniversary 500 Comments 25 Love Its Name Dropper
    Gorgeous!! Congrats!!

  • You look great! Congrats!
  • wrigleyvillewrigleyville Chicago member
    2500 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its First Answer
    I love the photo of you twirling in your dress! :) I did that quite a few times.

  • Sooo pretty! You look completely in love. Where'd you get those socks for the guys? They are fantastic!
  • KikiMiraKikiMira member
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    edited May 2014
    OOOOoooo I think it was you I waved at on May 3! We were at Aria as well. I am not sure what time it was at but I remember seeing you 2! I think you were walking over to go back to Vdara. We were heading to the north entrance for our shuttles. Congrats!
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  • Hey ladies thanks so much !!! @ cirena166 I got the socks from oriental trading website @ kikiMira I hope I was not rude to you I was totally in the moment girl lol
  • Haha, no worries! I gathered that!!! 
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  • Great pics!  Really awesome you got out of the Cashman deal.  I have not heard of Lighten Films; please let me know how it turns out.

    Married old Las Vegas hag groom - June 2011

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  • How did you get out of the Cashman deal? I need details :) 
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  • trm358trm358 member
    100 Comments 25 Love Its First Anniversary First Answer
    Cashman was the ONLY reason we decided against Aria after all. That is so great you could bring in an outside vendor!!!
  • I'm really sorry for the late reply everyone - I'm not on here as much but to answer the question of how I got out of Cashman I just expressed my concerns to my wedding coordinator, suggested the vendor fee and then I was advised to write a letter indicating what I have verbalized to her management and the manager approved it, I had been complaining about Cashman months before my wedding like every chance I spoke to my coordinator I brought it up ( mostly) I pretty much said in the letter  I loved the venue but the thought of having that company be a part of my production was was causing me significant distress etc etc and it was approved with a outside vendor charge, maybe I just got lucky.


    VegasGroom I heard of  Lighten films through recommended by Joey Allen the photographer and then I researched there website and then checked them out on vimeo as well. I'm still waiting on my vid as the contract says 30-60 days so I should have it very soon I hope.


  • Sorry not to post sooner but you looked amazing your dress was gorgeous
  • I'm late to this post but wanted to tell you that I am having my ceremony at Aria as well as using Maggiano's for the reception. I will have around 35 guests and am using Freed's as well. Thanks so much for your review as it was very helpful!
  • your welcome hornsby15 I hope your wedding is awesome!!!

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