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Mini Destination in RI/MA HELP!

Hi All! I'm really struggling to find a venue for our reception within our budget(15-20,000) We both have big families so will be about 200 guests and we are set on open bar for whole night! I really want to have a "mini destination" wedding where we can have the entire weekend to hang with our friends and family(overnight accommodations close by or even at the venue). Would love it to be close to water but not a deal breaker. Not a planner so having to coordinate all of the details is not what I want, would prefer something with an all inclusive package to choose from!  Anyone ideas will be extremely helpful!!

Re: Mini Destination in RI/MA HELP!

  • Hi, I recommend the Hotel Viking in Newport. I recently attended a wedding there in December and it was simply beautiful. Depending on your date. The off season might be more budget friendly and also the rooms there were great. Good luck!!!
  • Quidnessett Country Club overlooks the bay and it is definitely in that price range. Sat night for the big ballroom is $10,300 min or the Narragansett room is $7500 I believe. Best perk, no site fee!!
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