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allure 9116 or 8800

I am looking for an allure 9116 or 8800 wedding dress on a budget- used is great!  Sizes 12 or 14. Please email me at   Thanks!!!

Re: allure 9116 or 8800

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    Hi.  I own a store and have the 8800 in iv/café/silver in size 12.  Genuine Allure gown with labels in tact.  I am starting to clear sample gowns to make room for the new fall 2014 gowns.  I would sell you my gown at $900 if you want it.  It is in very good condition, no missing beads or buttons.  no makeup or dirt on it.  let me know if you're interested. 
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    I'm looking for an Aullur 9116 in a size 10. On a budget!!. Please email me at



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