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Plated dinner vs. interactive stations?

My FI and I are currently debating whether or not to do a plated dinner or interactive stations for our Spring 2015 wedding. We will be having a Saturday evening event for approx. 70 people. 

The plated menu would be a salad course and then guests would have a choice of filet mignon, salmon or scallops, and a vegetarian option with one or two sides and bread. 

The interactive stations would begin with a plated salad. We would then open the stations for guests: a pasta station with ravioli and penne with various sauces, some kind of red meat (hopefully filet) with a mashed potato bar with various kinds of potatoes and toppings, and a sushi station with a sushi chef who would custom make sushi rolls for our guests. 

Both options would have wedding cake and then a buffet of mini desserts for our guests as well. 

My FI is more traditional and likes the more formal plated option. He thinks stations are a "glorified buffet" and feels it's too casual for our wedding. I was opposed to stations at first, but after talking to our wedding planner, I like that there's something for everyone and it's more interactive (people get up to mingle). We also have a big event space (a giant lawn in front of an estate), so I think stations will help fill up the space a little bit.

So, what would you prefer as a guest - stations or plated? 

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